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A mystic summons forth his master
A mystic summons forth his master


Gods and Demons of the Fourth Age

“Life is chaotic, unjust and apparently blind and without reason or direction, anyone can see..." - Lament heard in the end of the Third Age

In the chaos and destruction brought upon the civilisations in the end of the Third Age much of the faiths in the gods were lost. Despairing mortals craved visible gods, instead of the vague powers that had claimed their attention earlier. New powers were not late to accept the invitation and in many cases divinities were more or less created by the needy mortals.

Few of the new planar powers found in the Fourth Age seem benevolent or "good”. The majority are of the dark and sacrifice-craving kind. Few religious conflicts are as simple as merely Good versus Evil exist, save perhaps the odd mortal’s zealous beliefs in an old god’s teachings. Few commoners concern themselves with the concept of a delicate balance between good and evil. The faiths mirror the societies and life of the Fourth Age, where survival and one self matters and where valiant virtues and acts of altruism are seen as foolish and suicidal amongst the majority of people.

Religious History of Charun

The Old Gods were brought by the Mórail when they arrived to the shores of Charun and began their invasion. Up till then the only gods known by the native Sauroids and Urmen were entities recognised as New Powers today, even though some of them have been worshipped for thousands of years.

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Old Gods

Brought to the continent of Charun by the Mórailt The Old Gods have gained mortal worship throughout the ages. Today they find themselves on a new market of faiths, where non-divine powers compete for mortal attention. Nevertheless, they are the sole powers of true divinity and the only ones able to grant a priest true divine powers. There are, however, those who claim that the gods of old are dead and long gone.

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New Powers

Risen out of the ashes of the Third Age, charging into the mortal world, some invited, others forcing their way in, the new powers are numerous and alluring for many mortals. Not so demanding as the gods of old, but neither able to grant powers beyond the arcane.

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Racial Pantheons

This section details the deities found with each race, including both Old Gods and New Powers. Deities unique to a certain race are only found in this section.

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Divine and Arcane Powers

The various sources of magic are detailed in this section.

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A priest isn't always a man of powers, or even of faith. This is detailed more closely here.

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