Player's Guide

From World of Charun


The Fourth Age of Charun is a time unlike any other. It is the Age of Heroes, where the Rise and Fall of Kingdoms rest on the shoulders of mighty individuals rather than vast armies.

Everything you as a player need to know in order to create a character and start adventuring are found in this section. Races, classes, names, equipment, loot, combat and magic are all detailed here, along with additional information.

Player Characters

This is a guide for creating your player character for the Charun setting. It details races and classes, as well as other miscellaneous information, such as the various ways that your character can influence the world through customisation options.


This section covers everything from weapons and armour to other items useful for adventurers. Information about artifacts and magic items can be found here as well.

Swords and Sorcery

The custom combat and magic systems found in Charun are covered in this section, as well as other custom features.

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