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Armies of Charun

Only a few nations are able to boast with hosts sizing up to the armies of old. All of them are survivors of the Cataclysm that brought destruction to weaker realms and spawned the Fourth Age. However, few wield such power that they can wage offensive warfare without risk. Most are constructed to successfully defend their existing realm.

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A Charun year is 336 days long. The year is divided evenly into twelve months each lasting 28 days. These months correspond with the Charun lunar cycle and begin with the full moon.

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How large is Charun in comparison to the Earth? How large are the continents in comparison to Europe or USA?

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Everyone can catch a cold, but there are considerably more dangerous diseases in Charun.

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Time and Distance

How far is it from Trade Town to Larmenius, and how fast are you putting the miles behind you?

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The Famed

Many have risen from anonymity to fame, becoming legends and mythical figures. These persons include rulers, monarchs, scoundrels and heroes.

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Government Forms

The form of government refers to the set of political institutions by which a state is organized in order to exert its powers over a society, be it a tribe of barbarians or a flourishing nation. The title of those in rule vary greatly in Charun. There are Kings, Lords Protectors and Chieftains, all depending on the culture they are found in.

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Guilds and Organisations

There are many guilds, covens, orders and other organisations in Charun. The majority are either secret or too small to be known. There are, however, a few worth mentioning; Gatherings that have risen to fame due to various reasons.

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Flags of nations, banners of mercenary companies and individual shields are covered in this section.

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The study of plants and how to take care of, utilise and/or extract useful ingredients goes under the name of Herbology. This includes medicinal practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts and other beneficial properties, as well as intoxicating drugs in one form or another. However, the lore of extracting poison from plants is not included in Herbology.

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Planar Travel

The stuff of legends or bedtime stories, planar travel is reserved for a few individuals of great power. Nevertheless there are sages specialising in the matter, most experts in theory rather than through practice.

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Poison, venom and other toxins are substances that can harm or even kill. They can be injected by a bite or sting to cause their effect, or absorbed through the skin or gut.

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Idioms and jargon differ in Charun, much like languages and gestures, depending on who you are and where you hail from. Races, cultures and professions can have their own commonly used ways of expression.

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Law and Punishment

The laws that rule the land and set the punishment for crimes vary depending on the culture. This section details some, but not all, regions and their laws.

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There are four different groups of pirates in Charun. Pirates come from all walks of life. Soldiers and sailors, tinkers and farmers all take up the bloody path. Some cultures actively encourage it; others force it on any man with a spine and freedom in his blood.

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Many victors often see the captured populace as an important part of the loot, and some are sold as slaves, while others are kept in their own service. There is, however, a more intricate business that has evolved around slaves and slavery amongst mankind during the Fourth Age.

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Ships and Sailing

Ships and sailing can be a part of an adventurers life. You will find all about it here.

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Wealth, Income & Hirelings

How much do non-adventurers earn? How much does it cost to hire a carpenter? Find out here!

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