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The World of Charun is a Persistent Role Play World based in its own custom setting. The NWN2 modules are set in the Fourth Age, after the fall of the Third Age, which happened in the first installment of Neverwinter Nights. Charun itself came alive in the mid 80s when The 7th House created the setting to be used in his AD&D sessions.

WoC 1 with NWN 1: 2002 - 2006

  • The first installment of WoC used NWN 1 and ran in between the years 2002 - 2006.

WoC 2 with NWN 2: 2006 - 2010

  • The work on the lore of WoC 2 began in January 2006.
  • The website was launched in July 2006.
  • The server with the mod was launched in March 2007.
  • The move to a new, self-owned server happened in October 2009. Two new modules were premiered as well - with WoC now totalling three playable modules.

WoC 2,5 with NWN 2: 2010-2011

  • Work on a major update was announced in December 2010. After several months of work, wrapped up with beta-testing, the launch finally took place in may 2011. It was up to that point the most extensive update on WoC, containing several cool custom features, such as a reputation system, improved custom combat system, as well as a time-jump more than a century into the future, which naturally lead to new and improved areas.

WoC 3 with NWN 2: 2011 - ongoing

  • The decission of a total remake of WoC was announced in November 2011, where races, classes along with nearly all other features would be customized even further.
  • A new hosting server was purchased in february 2013.
  • After a massive workload that WoC the server launched in March 2013. The content, from the very engine operating NWN2 to the world has been more or less remade.

New Player Info

In order to find a quick Charun summary along with a guide to making a player character, go to the: Quick Start

The Spirit of WoC

The World of Charun is first and foremost an Adventure Server. If using labels most players of NWN are familiar with, we'd go with a Roleplay server as well as a Hardcore server. Part of the goal with WoC is to create a perfect combination between Pen and Paper Roleplay, and what is offered through NWN. The world is to inspire and excite.

The player characters are adventurers by trade, not cobblers or farmers, at least when they head on out and become rogues, wizards and fighters. We believe that the best experiences, the best Roleplay and the greatest excitement is found during events that would make good stories, movies or books. Frodo had to leave home, or there wouldn't have been a book. Player characters are encouraged to explore, loot and seek thrills. That is how legends are made. The important thing to keep in mind is that nothing is worth anything without Roleplay during the adventure.


Roleplay server - WoC players should log in because they love the aspect of Roleplaying. That is where the emphasis lies. Everything that happens should circle around roleplay, the PCs and the characteristics they develop during gameplay. To log in with the intention of not Roleplaying, or to Roleplay just for the XPs sake is simply wrong. Roleplaying on WoC should be about the same as eating is when you're hungry. A reward isn't required for eating a pizza when starving. The Roleplay should simply be the best and the most fun part - which it has been so far.

Hardcore server - The other goal of the World of Charun is to be a HCR server. We regard that an attempt of bringing the world and gameplay as close to Pen and Paper Roleplay as possible. It has also to do with the overall balance of the world, considering death and loot systems, XP, the availability of magic items and equipment and so forth.

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