House Rules

From World of Charun

Rule Sections


Rules are meant to ensure an enjoyable enviroment, establishing a good foundation for roleplay.

Definiton of Terms

WoC = World of Charun
RP = Role-Playing, or Role Play
PK = Player Killing, or Player Killer
PvP = Player vs. Player (reference to combat against another player)
IC = In-Character (referring to any comment/action made by your character)
OOC = Out-Of-Character (referring to any comment/action not made by your character.)
DM = Dungeon Master
XP = Experience Points
IG = In-Game (refers to things happening to your character. An in-game punishment could be imprisonment for an in-character crime)
IC In Character
PM = Private Message
PC = Player Character
NPC = Non-Playing Character
PGer = PowerGamer
AI = Artificial Intelligence
GP = Gold Pieces
XP = Experience Points

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