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The world is a vast and detailed place, where the bold and adventurous can find both wealth and power, as well as death unless they take caution. The gazetteer describes the it in many ways, splitting it up into regions, nations and other places of interest, as well as the existing planes

The Continent of Charun
The Continent of Charun


World Gazetteer


The continent of Charun is divided into seven large regions.


Nations, city-states and tribal territories are covered here.

Fallen Realms of the Third Age

Kingdoms and nations that met their end in the Third Age are covered in this section.

Places of Interest

Mythical, ancient and secret sites are mixed with more mundane locations in this section.

World Map

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The world shares sevreal features with our planet, even though it is quite different in many ways -such as the climate. It consists out of large oceans and two known continents; Charun and the Eastern Lands, with deep forests, mighty mountains and vast plains covering them.

The World

The world, or globe if you will, is detailed here with descriptions of its size to the global oceans.


The landmass found in the west is detailed here with its major geographical features and regions.

Eastern Lands

The landmass found in the east is detailed here with its major geographical features.

Deep Dark

The Deep Dark is a vast world beneath the surface of Charun. Some say it is equal in size as the Western Lands, while some claim that it is even larger.

Maps of Charun

Planar Guide

Inner Planes

The Mortal World and the surrounding planes, such as the Ethereal and the Elemental Planes are detailed here.

Outer Planes

The Astral Plane leads to a multitude of far-away worlds, planes of alien nature. They are detailed here along with Gesana, the death realm.

Far Realms

The Far Realms is an incomprehensibly remote space surrounding the Inner and Outer Planes where magic is spawned.


The Old Gods are said to dwell beyond the Far Realms, a place called "Godhome".

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