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A backpack is the adventurer's best friend
A backpack is the adventurer's best friend

This section covers everything from weapons and armour to other items useful for adventurers. Information about artifacts and magic items can be found here as well.


Armour and Weapons

Armour absorbs damage instead of making you harder to hit, and specialisation in a scimitar also gives you bonuses with the tulwar. Confusing? It is all explained in this section.

Magic Items

While demons, wizards and priests exist in Charun, it is a low-magic world. The average person living in a small village, working their shop or field has likely never seen a true wizard or seen a spell cast or held a magical item. However, there are items to be found, as long as one knows where to look! Read more about it all in this section.

Loot and Equipment


Ships and Sailing

Available ships to PCs are presented here, along with general rules for travel across waters.

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