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Eiotharin, Niematharin and Ulutharin names



Elven names consist usually out of one or several words combined with a prefix or/and a suffix. They name their children more with the beauty of the name in mind, than it's actual meaning. Male and female names are similar, except for the suffixes -r/-ar (male) and -a/-ia (female).


Eawetha (e-awetha) = many flowers

Eothuon (eo-thu-on) = serenity and wisdom everywhere

Aetheath (ae-thea-th) = wind blows gracefully

Irinil (irin-il) = guardian of the valley

Alehtawa (al-ehtawa) Great Sunrise

Eawenutheal (e-awe-nuthe-al) = Owner of many frozen leaves

Eiotharin Names

The Eiotharin name consists out of two names - a First Name and a House Name, which is equalent to a family name. There are 8 House Names amongst the Eiotharin, all beginning with "Alo-" (=moon) followed by a one of the following 8 suffixes; -an. -al, -il, -wa, -ni, -as, -us, -el. The Eiothar only present their House Name when dealing with other elves, or during formal meetings.

Example: Eawenutheal of House Aloan, Alehtawa of House Aloil

Eiothar means: The pale ones of great beauty (eio-tha-r)

Niematharin Names

The Niematharin only use one name. If needed they present their realm, Green Glade, or their father's name if a son, or their mother's name if a daughter.

Example: Irinil of Green Glade, Eawetha son of Eothuon

Niemathar means: Those of great beauty who observe the parts of creation (ni-ema-tha-r)

Ulutharin Names

The Ulutharin name consists out of three names - a First Name, a Family Name which is similar to a first name and a House Name. There are 19 House Names amongst the Ulutharin. The Uluthar only present their House Name when dealing with other elves, or during formal meetings. The House Name is actually the name of both the province they originate from, as well as the name of the family in charge of that province. The Ulutharin House Names are found further down on this page, as well as in the Map of Sun Glade.

Example: Eawetha Eothuon of House Aealan

Uluthar means: The island of great beauty

Naming Patterns


i- = within, from, born from, originate from

ni- = to watch, watcher, observer, to observe

ae- = moving, blowing, travelling

el- = just, righteous, honourable

al- = large, great, vast

e- = many

eo- = serenity

le- = with, along with


-an = valour, valorous

-ha/-th/-tha = beauty, beautiful

–on = everywhere, above everything, into the darkest of corners

-r/-ar = increased, stronger, male suffix

-a/ia = grace, gracious, female suffix

-al = owner, user, the one performing the act

-il = guards, guardian, guardian of

-wa = pure, clean

-ni = undisputed

-as = shining

-us = wisdom, wise, experienced, "old"

-el = loved one

-os = dweller, live in

-in = plural


aduin = arcane, magic

aeal = traveller (ae-al)

aealo = full moon (ae-alo)

aenut = stream, river (ae-nut)

aenutwa = spring (ae-nut-wa)

aethala = flying arrow (ae-thala)

aethe = sunset (ae-ethe)

aethila = shooting star, meteor

ala = tool, messenger, servant

alanu = large body of water, sea, ocean (al-lanu)

ali = luck

alnut = lake (al-nut)

alo = moon, month

aluth = weapon, tool of war, messenger of war, servant of war (ala+uth)

aluthon = urman (aluth+on)

ana = kiss

ane = to track, tracker, path-maker

ani = melody

ara = autumn

ath = tree

athaluth = spear (ath-aluth)

athane = leader (ath-ane)

athun = faithful

athunal = prayer (athun-al)

awa = day

awe = leaf

awetha = flower (awe-tha)


eath = forest (e-ath)

ehtawa = sunrise (ethe-hawa)

eih = sword

eihia = dagger

eio = fair, pale

eiri = prominent, eye-catching

ema = animal, part of the creation

emi = human

endi = home, homeland, Mórail soil

esta = noble

etha = great, grand

ethe = sun

ethi = lightning

ethu = bright, light

eu = sky

eunu = rain, raindrop (eu-nut)

eunuar = to rain (eunu –ar)

eutha = clear sky (eu-utha)

euthu = bright sky (eu-ethu)


ha = bow

ha'ala = arrow (ha-ala)

hawa = to rise, risen, in the air


ie = small, slender

ierin = hill (ie-rin)

in =

io = storm

irin = valley (i-rin)

isi = harp

itha = mystery, mysterious

ithi = beyond


la = light

lai = metal

laitha = gold, golden (lai-tha)

lanu = salt water

lethuwani = queen (le-thu-wa-ni)

li = everything, universe


nae/nai = meadow

nami = life, living

nathil = rainbow

neth = calm down, thaw out, get under control

nin = love

ninal = lover (nin-al)

nita = god

nut = fresh water

nuthawa = fog (nut-hawa)

nuthe = frost, ice (nut-the)


otha = earth, land, nation

othalar = earthquake, unleashed, unbound (otha-al-ar)


rin = mountain


sham = Creator of / to create (something evil, dark and opposite to elven way of life and values)


tha = divine

thi = star

thila = starlight

the = snow

thea = wind

theal = snowflake (the-al)

thear = snowing, to snow (the-ar)

thu = wise

thuo = strike, wield

thuwani = king (thu-wa-ni)

tun = song, to sing

tunal = singer (tun-al)


ut = snake/reptile (malicious)

ulu = island

una = berry, fruit

uteath = grove (utha-eath)

uth = war, battle

utha = to clear, become clear

uthane = officer, leader in war (uth-ane)


wa = blood, of the kin, kinmanship

wat = sharp, sharpened, polished, dangerous

wath = religion, faith

watrin = cliff (wat-rin)

Ulutharin House Names

The 19 provinces/houses are found in this section. Each Uluthar hails from one of them. If you wish to play a noble of the Ulutharin, hailing from a family ruling a province, you will have get an approval to do so. Send in an application to the DM Dropbox account in the forums.

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