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The fauna of Charun is plentiful, with a wide range of creatures - some rare, others quite common. There are gargantuan beasts, wild animals, unholy things and ancient demons that have slithered in the darkness since the beginning of the ages.




Black OrcX






Lash Leech




Ogre Mage




Unique Creatures - Living & Dead

Ancient Demon of Thunder Hall

Czubnag´dah - Goblin warlord of the Third Age - Deceased

Khursk - Demonlord of the 512th Abyssal layer

Makaloth - Prince of the Plains of Agony

Ranuthruarzar - Red Dragon slain in 364 IV

Spawn of Randar

Zhazhrurat - Red Dragon slain in 908 III

Zizhrellah, Blue Dragon

Zrilanduzarm - Great Blue Wyrm slain in 4978 II

Zshuskila - Black Dragon slain in 357 IV

NPC Races

There is a number of races and cultures that are not available for players. More often than not they're aggressors, raiders and pillagers posing a threat to travellers. Some examples of such are:

  • Arinthian: Fanatic crusaders of Haerian sworn on ridding the world of the disorder that plagues it. The unfortunate may encounters crusaders in the Old Land as far south as Talewood.
  • Clandur: Brutal customs make for brutal warriors, and few in the Northlands live to tell the tale of their visit into Clandurmark.
  • Chugir: The Chugir have a reputation for cruelty, disloyalty and greed. This reputation is only partially earned. Their attitudes reflect more of self-interest than of the high (but often ignored) righteous ideals.
  • Dazak: Few things in the Fourth Age can be compared to the magnitude of destruction wrought by the Dazak in the Heartlands. Images of stakes with impaled bodies left in their wake haunt most men who've laid eyes on them.
  • Dhazzir: The Endless is a vast system of caverns with underground rivers, lakes and other features that are comparable to those on the surface in size. The Dhazzir are the undisputed lords of the Endless – a Mórail subrace that have dwelled in the dark for millenia.
  • Fearanni: The humans of Fearann are more likely to hold you down and drain your blood than to say hello - a result of living under the dominion of Narghal and its vampires who demand a steady flow of blood.
  • Hrafnir: Ferocious barbarians of the north, the Hrafnir marauders sail as far south as the Sea of Sharks to pillage and plunder. Villagers along the coast of Atalheim can not be blamed for fearing the wrath of the Northerners.
  • Kamale: Where most fear death or even torture at the hands of their enemies, the Kamale offer something even worse - cannibalism. They file their teeth to sharp fangs and honour their terrifying god, Ath-Rag, through deeds of slaughter, devouring their victims.
  • Sand Snake: The Sand Snake tribe frequently raids merchant caravans travelling the outskirts of their territory, at times taking captives with them. There are many myths surrounding the Sand Snakes, and one of them tells of captives being sacrificed to their reptile god.
  • Vampire: Vampires are human victims of an unexplainable disease known as the Blood-Thirst that compells them to ingest blood in order to survive and remain at full strength.

Monster and NPC Names

This section is used mainly by the DMs as a resource, but players may find it come in handy as well.

Arinthian Names

Dhazzir Names

Morothi Names

Vampire Names

Fearanni Names

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