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This section introduces the server and community, presenting what one can expect from it. You will also find house rules, a community portal, current events and information about the staff.



A presentation of the World of Charun and what one can expect from it. Here you will find our dreams, hopes and goals.

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House Rules

Be sure to read the rule variations for the Charun setting. They go through everything from death to pick pocketing and online behaviour to character creation.

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Here you can read about some of the players here on WoC.

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Current Events

In order to find out what is happening in the world today, visit the forums and the In Character Information section.

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Server and Staff

Capacity and location of the server is detailed in the server section, as well as what is needed for us to continue running the World of Charun. The team behind the World of Charun are detailed the other section, as well as what we are looking for in new staff members

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Various people, some not with us anymore, have contributed with content to the World of Charun over the years. They are all listed and reckognised here along with their contributions.

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